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Guitar Gear Gems

Guitar Gear Gems  ·  Source: Gibson/Mojotone


This week on Guitar Gear Gems, we check out the special-edition Gibson Noel Gallagher 1978 Les Paul Custom being sold to raise money for charity. Then, we look at the Alex Lifeson Lerxst By-Tor Drive pedal. Finally, we check out the Manson MB GEO Mask Edition Guitar limited run.


Gibson Noel Gallagher

The announcement of these Gibson Noel Gallagher special-edition models will excite many Oasis fans. The guitar is a limited run of only 20, each a recreation of the 1978 Les Paul Custom that Johnny Marr gifted him. They are being sold to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust at the UK Gibson Garage. Gibson and Gallagher will donate 100% of the profits to this worthwhile charity.

As Noel is signing each one, this will also make this extra collectable for fans of his music. The fact that you can only buy them in-store is also significant, as it should deter internet scalpers.

Gibson Noel Gallagher 1978 Les Paul Custom
Special-Run of only 20 guitars

Famous Custom

This famous guitar was used on classic albums including “The Queen is Dead” and “(What’s the Story) Morning Glory?”. Therefore, it will also appeal to fans of The Smiths and Johnny Marr. I’m impressed that Noel has worked with the Teenage Cancer Trust to help them raise money, which is a grand gesture and a fantastic-looking Les Paul Custom.

Gibson Noel Gallagher 1978 Les Paul Custom
Noel Gallagher signing guitars

The guitars will only be available in person to attendees on the official opening day of the new flagship store, the Gibson Garage London, on Saturday, February 24, 2024.

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By-Tor Drive

The LERXST By-Tor Drive pedal was announced in December 2023 as a limited edition for Alex Lifeson of Rush. They have announced that it will now be available to everyone as it has been so popular. It is based on the custom-built OMEGA tube amp head for Rush’s “Clockwork Angels” recording and touring cycle.

Alex Lifeson Lerxst By-Tor Drive
By-Tor Drive


Mojotone is building the pedal, which falls under the Alex Lifeson LERXST brand name. It seeks to replicate that custom amp he is known for using then. It has an onboard boost section, which recreates the response of a tube amp’s gain stage and offers a JFET-based +6dB gain level.

Each By-Tor is handmade in the USA from high-quality components. They sound great and, thankfully, are no longer a limited run. Great for any Rush fans who missed out on the initial batch last year, as that sold out rapidly.

MSRP – USD 295

Product Page

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Manson MB GEO Mask Edition Guitar

These Manson MB GEO Mask Edition Guitars are a minimal run of only 20, with two versions, aptly named V1 and V2. These aren’t cheap guitars, starting at £7,999 for the V1 model and £13,999 for the V2. These guitars are exact copies of Muse’s Matt Bellamy guitar, which he used during their 2023 Will Of The People tour.

Each guitar is built by the Manson Guitar Works in the UK and is fitted with a Sustainiac Stealth Pro sustainer pickup and a Manson PF-1 MB pickup.

Manson MB GEO Mask Edition Guitar
Manson MB GEO Mask Edition Guitar

V1 vs V2

The V1 has an alder body, a high-flame maple neck, and an ebony fretboard. This model comes in a Manson-branded Hiscox case and a certificate signed by Matt Bellamy. In contrast, the V2 has a 5A flame, figured, roasted maple neck and ships in a UK-crafted Protechnic flight case.

Manson MB GEO Mask Edition Guitar

The V2 package includes exclusive accessories, including a Manson Heistercamp premium strap with the GEO logo, limited edition GEO picks, a laser-etched certificate with a unique number for each guitar, and a rare colour print signed by Bellamy.

If your budget doesn’t stretch quite this far, you could always consider the Cort/Manson MBM- 2H, as it also has a Sustainer pickup, so it will get you close to that Muse/ Matt Bellamy guitar.

Cort MBM-2H Manson Meta SUS SB
Cort MBM-2H Manson Meta SUS SB
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Guitar Gear Gems

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